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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creature Creation - Hookercock

Hey guys, I did a organic monster sculpting video this time around, starts off a little slow, initially had a different idea in mind and slowly evolved into something a lot different.

Also did a quick eye video to go along with it.

Finished shots.

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jason athen said...

Hey Mike!

My name is Jason Loki Athen and i'm located in Vancouver BC Canada. I came across your article in Advanced Photoshop Magazine and decided to check out your website. I image of the robotic man is phenomenal! Honestly can not tell if it's a photograph of the real thing or what you created in photoshop.

I have been teaching myself photoshop using YouTube and now the P.S. magazine to create my art.

Also was wondering if you have instruction videos for people like me who are just learning?

This is my website: